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  • 01/31/2018 - Karen Buchanan
    Save Here, Splurge There – A Designers Guide To Spending Right

    My love for a Collected design aesthetic began through necessity, instinct and an innate ability to create something beautiful or useful from very little.  Throughout the years and several homes later, with more disposable income, I still find that some of my most inspired designs either begin with or contain at least a few thrift shop, flea market, auction, garage sale or bargain basement items.  It’s been a long time since those days of scrimping and making do, but being forced to stretch our budget to its complete maximum gave me some great insights on value and design longevity.

    Prioritizing, making wise choices and the willingness to explore potential, wherever it might be, are foundational pillars of my design strategy.  I know that even at the high end, what budget may be right for some is entirely out of the question for others.  The fact is, every household is different, every need is different and every budget to meet those needs is different, but financial prudence and a regard for available and sustainable resources shouldn’t be concepts unfamiliar to any income bracket.  My goal is to provide you with the best whole design your money can buy, not necessarily the most expensive things money can buy—although some things are just not negotiable.  In the end, I want to give you a design that will last, that you love and will make your house your home for years to come.  Here are some of my strategies to elevate while staying financially straight:

    Use What You Have:

    • I like to take inventory of items that you would like or definitely plan to keep and wish to work into your design.  This, of course, includes furnishings and décor that may need some attention, to one degree or another, but could, otherwise, be useful.  I, also, include notes on how and where they might be used and what would need to be done to make them work.  Unfortunately, sometimes a piece just doesn’t fit or is beyond reinvention.  At that point, it may be time to let it go or move it to another room.

    Splurge or Save – Hierarchy of Investment:

    • Need to ditch the sofa, change or add lighting, replace the carpet, add a new feature?  I put a priority on quality base furnishings and materials.  In my opinion, these things are the foundation upon which all good design is built and, if done with this in mind, will remain relevant throughout many years of trending styles and changing tastes.  That isn’t to say that every piece of furniture you own should come from an Ethan Allen showroom or that you should only shop at that super high end tile store.  On the contrary.  For most, that’s just not an option.  But these should be your foundation elements like, sofas, beds, flooring, fixed lighting, or if you work at home, a desk or great office chair, for example, that will receive the highest use and visibility and you will, most likely, own for some years to come. I put these things high on the list based on the need for durability and design longevity.
    • Moderate or gentle use items, like occasional furnishings; chairs, side tables, sofa tables, lamps, etc. come in second.  Frequency of use (durability) VS cost are the things to consider here.  These are pieces that could go either way in price, but generally fall somewhere in the middle.  Coolness can also be a factor here.
    • Last in the hierarchy, generally, serves no other function than to sit (or hang) there and look pretty.  That is to say, accessories and other decorative items.  Statuary, some wall art, pillows, throw rugs and some occasional furnishings, etc. represent the smallest portion of your budget.  These items are more like pawns; valuable to the game, but more dispensable to your long-term strategy.

    Making Those Dollars Work For You:

    • Research the many resources available to find deep discounts on quality.  Whether on line or on the move, I leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored.
    • I’m not saying cheap, but then again, I’m not saying not cheap.   Remember, cheap doesn’t always mean sacrificing quality.  Spend less on items that represent current style nuances, color trends or fads that may look great now, but have the highest potential for being here today and gone tomorrow.  In terms of investment, I believe these elements provide more flexibility.
    • Second hand doesn’t mean second quality.  Beyond your "keepers" as discussed earlier, many affordable, high-end quality items can often be found second hand or on consignment, being sold by those who wisely invested in their furnishing, but are ready to move on to something new.  A fact that further drives home the point that it is more economical to invest in higher quality goods is the potential for a return when you are over it.
    • Paint and textiles are great ways to incorporate color trends.  Colors preferences and palettes come and go.  Doesn’t it make more sense to invest a little in a few throw pillows or couple gallons of paint tinted in that trendy, hot shade of fuchsia you’ve been seeing in all the latest design mags than to be stuck with a big fuchsia sofa for what, eventually, will seem to be like an eternity in fuchsia hell?  Unless you have the kind of disposable income that allows for new furnishings every couple of years, spend more on the cake, not the icing.
    • Remember, cutting corners or sacrificing quality where it really matters just to save a few dollars in the short run, only ends up costing more down the line.  In time, cheaply made furnishings, flooring and the like will drive any great design right off the deep end, probably long before you’re ready to buy new again.  Like wearing a pair of worn shoes with a nice outfit, nobody wants to see that.

    Allow me to demonstrate how, together, we can create a space that is beautifully and specifically created just for you, your lifestyle and your budget.  Give me a call or drop an email and let’s get started on YOUR Collected design today.

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  • 01/15/2018 - Karen Buchanan
    Interior Design Gets Real – Greetings from Karen Buchanan of Collected design by KB

    Okay, so here we are at my brand spanking new website about to embark on my very first blog post, you and I together.  Collected design by KB is officially on the world wide web!  I am so freaking thrilled you are here, I can’t even tell you how much without causing a major disturbance, specifically at your home with me at your doorstep.  But I think that might be a super bad way to attract you as a client.  And, make no mistake, I do want you as my client; that’s why I’m here.  So, a personal designer-y-mano thank you, at least at this point, doesn’t seem likely or prudent, relax.  But, now what?  Well, I guess, first and most obvious, I should just say, thank you.  Thank you for being here and thank you for taking a minute (more is better) to visit Collected design by KB (the name’s Karen Buchanan, by the way).

    Now, on to new business.  For the last few weeks, prior to my site going live, I swore I was going to sit down and write this, my first blog post–you know, to hit the ground running with attention grabbing, informative, funny, and brilliant interior design blog material.  Like, BAM, people, here I am!  Look no further, you have just found the best gosh-darned designer ever!  It seems, however, for whatever reason, real or imagined, or procrastinatory (yes, I just made that up) in nature, my grand plans seemed to be dashed at every turn and here I am—with you, probably wondering where this is going and what the hell does it have to do with interior design?  Well, let me tell you.

    As you may have noticed, I am not some young ingenue.   I have been around the block, as they say, and the next block over too.  So, while true, I am new to the design "business", per say, I am not new to the concept and practice of design.  Some may view this late-comer status as a deficit, and it would be if I had chosen to become a firefighter or boxer or the CEO of a big corporation or something.  In fact, I’d probably get my butt kicked at every turn, figuratively and quite literally in some cases.  But I see my age and consequent experience as my greatest asset.  You see, design is a skill that blooms over time.  Sure, most of us in the business (dang, that feels good to say) just have it innately.  We naturally gravitate towards the desire to make the world a more beautiful place; perhaps starting in our childhood bedrooms, arranging those stuffed animals just so and placing our latest art projects proudly (but tastefully) on display.  But it is practical experience that inevitable refines and enhances one’s natural abilities and that, my friends, I have in spades.

    For me, it did start very early in life.  I never thought anything of it at the time, but I grew up where design was an important component of our home and the homes of my extended family.  It wasn’t so much a round table subject where my mom (the side from where my talent comes) would gather us together to discuss the newest color trends or the hottest looks; we certainly weren’t wealthy trend setters, by any stretch.  It was just how we lived.  As a young adult, out on my own, it was very common to hear company say how my place was so inviting and homey, but very pretty.  Perhaps not the rave reviews of a 1st class designer, but I always took pride in such declarations.  As innocuous as these comments may seem to some, what it said to me was that I had achieved something positive; I had affected the way my guests were feeling and there was a pretty good chance they were going to have a great time—AND IT WAS GOOD.  But, again, there was nothing out of the ordinary for me; it was what I knew, just what I did—didn’t everyone?  As time soon taught me, no, not everyone does and not everyone can. I look back now and realize that what I had taken for granted then were the seeds being planted for me to nurture as an adult and I love the legacy. 

    Please be assured, there won’t be many blog posts of this nature—the tell-all, late bloomer story of a lovable, middle-aged (I believe I am middle-aged because I plan to live to at least 100), home-maker turned professional interior designer.  Gripping, I know.  But I want to share more of what I do, what you can do and what we can do together to make your home your sanctuary, so I will leave my story here for now.  Over the next few weeks, with a smattering or good old fashions design advice, ideas and demonstrations, I do want you to get to know me.  I want you to understand who I am, why I’m a designer, what my approach is and how I am unique so that, when we do have that conversation (even right at this moment, I sense you are just itching to pick up the phone), you will know, with 100% confidence, you are the smartest cookie on the plate because, not only have you just chosen the best new designer in town, you have chosen a Collected design by KB.  Until the next time, my friends, remember, if it isn’t you, it isn’t home.

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  • 10/18/2017 - kbdesigns
    Site Launch

    Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.

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