Collected is more than great design. It is a lifestyle, a mindset. Collected says that you care about the environment in which you live and the world you leave behind. It says new is great, but not always better; that you value the past and present, and believe the legacy you leave should be one of resourcefulness, reflective self-expression and appreciation for the things you have and the stories they tell. Karen believes your home shouldn’t be a revolving door for passing fads and fashions, and adheres to the concept that design shouldn’t be a disposable proposition. Committed to giving second chances, she will look for every opportunity to reuse or repurpose wherever she can before purchasing new.  And, if you are looking for just the right piece to add to your current design, the Collected design by KB on-line store is chock full of interesting, one-of-a-kind furnishings and décor items looking for a new home and family to serve for many years to come.

Karen Buchanan is an Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers and received her AAB degree from Antonelli College with honors. Prior to that, she attended the Rocky Mountain School of Decorative Finishing, where she earned her Certificate of Completion in old world finishing techniques. Her flair for design and unique style has been recognized in a national kitchen design competition and her reputation as a designer in demand grows stronger every day. Using many years of practical experience, a cultivated eye for detail and deep love for all design as her ballast, Karen has now embarked on this new venture with Collected design by KB to bring to you the harmonious, healthy and beautiful environment she believes we all deserve.